American Sign Language Puzzle • Natural Wood

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 Age 3+
⋒ Made out of Baltic Birch (higher quality)
⋒ Each piece varies from 1 3/4" and 3" in heights
⋒ 1/4" thick hand-shape pieces
⋒ 16" x 9" and 3/8" thick
⋒ Proudly made in the USA
⋒ Refundable within 10 days with product cling wrap intact

We are a part of the Deaf community and we value ASL as not only a fun way to build the foundations of language for our own little ones, but as our primary means of communication. Stronger communication helps us build stronger communities! Psst...this would also be perfect for ASL teachers to students play games. And yes,  game ideas coming soon! As always, we are dedicated to creating quality, fun, and safe product you can enjoy with your family, friends, and more. What’s more important than making memories with ASL!